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May 2017 Challenge - Transport


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US and Nicaragua, my three


Leaf peppers on Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, US.





Mission group arriving by van and bus to stay at a local hotel in Jinotega, Nicaragua.





One of the volantes (indigenous flyers from near Veracruz) taking a photo of the tourist trade boats at Xochimilco, Mexico City






Xochimilco, Mexico, tourists boats being photo

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Hi wondered if someone could explain how to add an image to this competition! not done it before


There are at least 2 ways to post an image here:


1 - the easiest is to open the image in another tab or window and drag the image to the reply box at the bottom of this page. This works for windows and macs. However not all browsers seem to allow it.


2 - go to the image you want to include (preferably in a new tab or window);

- right click on the image and choose copy image location;

(in some browsers choose view image and copy the complete location from the address line of your browser);

- go back to the reply box and click on the image icon that looks like a little polaroid photo;

- an Image Properties box opens;

- now paste that complete location on the URL line;

- click OK and there it is.



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On my Mac with Safari I can also go to the preview page, click on the image, then control click on the enlarged image for a menu and choose Copy Image. Then I can paste into the forum reply box. I used to be able to drag and drop but that stopped working for me.



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Hi, everybody!

My congratulations for the winner.

I'm a beginner in Alamy,so don't judge strictly.

Here a 3 of mine:

1. A sport plane in the sky



2. Mother carries  a daughter



3. A sport transport goes under industrial transport:)


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The Severn Bridge, Aust, Somerset, looking towards Wales




The end of the road - old car dumped in mountain bog, West Cork





Yacht at sunset, Tenerife

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Some photos of heavy haulers.


The first is an autoclave for mining.  The cylindrical vessel was reported to be 83 feet long, 14.5 feet wide, and weighing 168 short tons.  There were two tractors pushing, but I couldn't get everything in even at 17 mm.  On rural two lane highway in Arizona, USA










Hauling part of a mining shovel.  One tractor pulling, one pushing.  Parked alongside highway in Arizona, USA










Hauling part of a wind turbine tower on a rural highway in New Mexico, USA



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Apologies, I left it a bit late.


Hope you had a good ride, gents. 







Love the "Camera" bag foxy is wearing.



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Gareth has his work cut out. ;-)

2 1/2 days left!

Let's add some of mine:


Venice - Last transport by water hearse.
Amsterdam Sail.



Amsterdam - Small bike ferry on the river Amstel.
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1. Gala & gallant ... the members of the Indian Camel Regiment.



2. Caparisoned pachyderms in tow on a metalled highway.




3. Transporting a 'transport' ... Himachal Pradesh, India.




Kumar, India

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