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May 2017 Challenge - Transport

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Many congratulations on the April win - great photo!

Three from me ...


Vintage motorcycle show.







View across the controls of a motorbike out on the road.








Mini on a bridge in the New Forest.


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Transport transports me, so it was hard to pick just 3 - 



 EX2NHP July 4th Parade, Long Island, New York






ETG7J1  Engine of red 1972 Pontiac Convertible Le Mans Sport






EGG8A9  A Model Driver





- Ann

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My entries...


Helicopter ride over Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA:




Pseudoscorpions being transported by a Harvestman:




Cars and passengers being transported across a river by a cable ferry:



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Congrats on the wonderful camel photo!

I had way more transport images than I thought, though most did not have that keyword. I gave up after an hour of re-keywording (still a mess when I look at old images in the new system but this isn't the venue for commenting on that. So, I'm loving this challenge. My three (chosen by my daughter, after I narrowed the field. She's visiting from Ohio on her way to 3 1/2/ weeks in Spain & Italy):


United States Navy hovercraft landing in Niantic Connecticut as part of OpSail2012:




A classic San Francisco cable car:




Another one from Niantic Connecticut (where my family has a cottage). During the annual Fourth of July Parade, friends and neighbors help a classic car get going after it stalled. My husband is among them, though only the top of his head is on view on the far side of the car. It's funny how sometimes you get your favorite shots close to home. 



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Self Driving Shuttle on a university campus in Silicon Valley



An Uber Self Driving Car out for testing before they were shut down by the state of California (you can also see the OTTO self driving truck in the background)



Early testing of Google's Alphabet's Waymo's Pod Car in a Silicon Valley Parking lot

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Here are a few from me:



Mythical/Spiritual transport (Spirit of Haida Gwaii, Jade Canoe by Haida artist Bill Reid)




Canoeing in Elk Island National Park




Where I spent New Years eve a couple of years ago




Edited by Christopher Price
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Good subject, and congrats on your excellent camel pic and interpretation!!


Here are my entries:


1. Variety of transport, Havana, Cuba






2. Transport through the Siq, at the entrance to Petra, Jordan





3. people looking at the Dwight D Eisenhower Class A Steam locomotive, National Railway Museum, York UK






Kumar (the Doc one)

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Tall Ship docked in Toronto.






Stilt Walker







Dragon Boaters









One of the first times I had a hard time choosing which to pick.



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Car with knitted cover in Moscow:





Floral bicycle wheel:




Early morning on the Oxford Canal:






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Here are three from me



Trolley outside Union station in Washington DC








Transportation in Charlotte, North Carolina









Cab on Ocean drive, South beach, Miami, Florida



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A Tall Ship sets sail in Oxnard California during Tall Ships week 2011







A replica of the Benz 1886 Patent Motorwagen,  The first commercially available automobile ever made at the Blackhawk museum in Danville California


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reducing-tyre-pressure-for-a-smoother-riRecently drove a trailer-sailer across Australia from Perth to Cairns - 5,500 kms in 6 days. There was a definite "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" vibe through parts of the outback. :)


preparing-to-load-boat-onto-barge-at-norAbout to drive boat up ramp onto resupply barge for transport back to the mainland, North West Island, southern Great Barrier Reef


tourists-having-a-sunset-drink-on-low-tiTaking the hovercraft for a spin for low tide sunset drinks in the middle of Roebuck Bay, Broome, Western Australia

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