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Telegraph online

J77F1N  Guy Bell  City Living Garden by Kate Gould

Guardian online

FYGWHR Drew Buckley Newgale - Pembrokeshire
DFXTP9 Alison Thompson The Shed, seafood bistro, Porthgain

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Found in the Guardian






Photo of a woman in front of the Eiffel tower. Photographer: Alliance


Image ID: GJ7EMX





Photograph of a man with laptop and parcels. Photographer: Rosemary Roberts


Image ID: F3E4C4







Picture of two teenagers using mobile phones. Photographer: Buzzshotz


Image ID: AFKCH2

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Telegraph online

DYD0AX Keith Erskine Chiltern Firehouse Hotel
AH7ABH  Iconotec tray of cheese
CPAHTX  Julie Fryer pics Selection of cheeses on Sale
C89JAE  PhotoCuisine RM/Muriot Cheese board
AF3YAX  Bon Appetit /Holsten/Koops Various types of cheese from France (cropped)
AFE15Y  Laperruque French Cheeses
DDCT3T The Picture Pantry Assortment of cheeses
E6YYNC MBI/Stockbroker Woman grating cheese


Guardian online

J7A99M  McLachlan Media Pair of Herons
J7BGBC  Rocky Grimes A brown bear sits among pilings at Taku Harbor, Alaska.
J75KD7 Bill Sincavage Hole in a log Marmot
J74873  Rick & Nora Bowers Northern Cardinal & Gila Woodpecker
J78MRB Sally Anderson A close up of a single Puffin standing in the grass on Inner Farne Island

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USA, Travel + Leisure magazine, June 2017


Pg. 17, Railay Beach, Thailand, EFWSKM Maciej Bledowski




Pg. 30, Yangon, Myanmar, Jack Kurtz/ZUMA Press, Inc




Pg. 32. Yangon Myanmar, DA9FXJ Prisma by Dukas Presseagentur GmbH




Pg. 19, Onati, Spain (cropped to a vertical),F2NYWB Kiko Alvarez




Pg. 20, Onati Valley, Spain, DENWFF age fotostock




Pg. 22, Sculpture by Jorge Oteiza, ANTTHD graficart.net




Pg. 24, Onati, Spain, DF236K age fotostock



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Times 27th


E45X7M Alex Mustard Female Grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) startled. Lundy Island, Devon, England, UK

BEMHC7 Keirsebilck Patrick Arterra Picture Library Eurasian curlew (Numenius arquata) foraging in shallow water

J7F4N6 Edinburgh, UK. 25th May, 2017. A Perfect Chemistry, photographs by Hill and Adamson exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery shows the result of the artistic partnership between painter Hill and engineer Adamson. Pictured Adeline Amar Press Officer and the First General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, David Octavius Hill, Oil on Canvas 1843 - 1866. Credit: Steven Scott Taylor/Alamy Live News




A1KFEB Richard Cooke Oil tanker with Forth Bridge in background

EBKP3X blickwinkel/McPHOTO/FSC fishing trawlers in harbour, United Kingdom, Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Fraserburgh




HX6XWD Christopher Nicholson Looking down into the clear waters of Man O'War Bay from the long distance South West Coast Path on the Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England

BMXYF9 Alison Thompson The River Bure, Coltishall, Norfolk, England

EBNCE8 blickwinkel/Frischknecht Bow Fiddle Rock at the coast, United Kingdom, Scotland

CWW42E David Forster Cronkley Fell and Flowering Heather from the Green Trod Footpath at Whiteholm Bank Upper Teesdale County Durham UK

Edited by Bryan
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The Telegraph online, 27 May 2017. MCM London Comic Con. 13 Alamy Live News images here:






Paul Brown/Alamy Live News

Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News

Claire Doherty/Alamy Live News

Paul Quezada-Neiman/Alamy Live News


The Sun online, 26 May 2017. MCM London Comic Con. 14 Alamy Live News images here:



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The Sun (UK)

12 MAY 2017





Nick Robinson (BBC Political Editor) on his mobile phone at the Labour Party Conference, Brighton, England. 24/09/2013

Image ID: DF42M4  

Contributor: PjrNews / Alamy Stock Photo


Thanks for spotting that! Do you know if it was in the papery edition or just online?



I am in Southern California and can only see The Sun online. Not sure if it was in the papery edition or not. 


Thanks. I will budget for the next month assuming it was just online, and have a big party if it turns out to be both.

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Guardian online

H8WB6W Robert Mulder  Portland, Oregon
J00NXD Cal Sport Media/John Green Mascot Timber Joey cuts a slice of the Portland Timbers log after the team scores.
F5C2P7  Greg Vaughn Viking Soul Food trailer


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