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New guy here :) I have couple of questions I couldn't google answers to... I hope you guys could help me here.


First just wondering about if it's allowed to have image sold as rights managed licence exclusively and also have the exact same photo selling on print on demand site (Fine Art America) at the same time? As far as I know Fine Art America only sells prints and now licences?


Also if I'm having a original photo selling as right managed licence in Alamy but also I have different edit of the same photo for example added light spot with lens flare and reduced size and selling it on microstock site... Is this allowed to do?


Thanks! :)

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I see little point in selling photographs as exclusive on Alamy or anywhere else. The market isn't much interested in exclusivity. Many agencies try for exclusivity, but that is just to lock out the opposing agencies, nothing to do with protecting their clients, though they would argue against that. Alamy actually encourages contributors to have other options and use other agents or portals.


It's pretty obvious that you cant reasonably offer the same images RM here and RF elsewhere. Even if they are a little different.


Alamy does best with images which may be used to illustrate ideas or relate information. Specific shots with information is the way to go. When I came out of art school many years ago, I offered to the world, arty images which were rather nice but didn't illustrate anything useful. So they just didn't sell and I didn't get much work. I had to get to understand what publishes had a use for. That takes a little time and endurance

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Ok.. thanks for the answers. I was mainly interested if I can sell prints at the same time as having RM sell here as most of my photos most like do better in POD sites, but I still like to see how it goes here.. just for experience ;) Maybe get one sell here or there...


Thanks guys, I appreciate your answers!

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RM here and selling the same picture at FAA is OK





But you ought to select no personal use for such images on Alamy otherwise you will be undercutting your sales prices on FAA. Similar issue to being on microstock and Alamy but the other way round.

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