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April 2017 Callenge: Popular sayings, proverbs or maxims.


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Three from me




A Leap of Faith. My wife leaping a large crevasse on the fantastic 5 day traverse of the Monte Rosa massif.







Wish Upon a Star. The Milky Way from Kelly's Beach in Kouchibouguac Park in New Brunswick.







As Cold as Ice. Super alpine morning light with icicles. The quality of this scanned slide shows me how really really good our cameras today are.


Nice challenge Wim, it kept me scratching my head for a while.



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April Showers Bring

May Flowers:




My creativity is at an all time low, so here again:

April Showers Bring May Flowers:




I'm going to upload something new tomorrow - too tired right now. But not sure it'll get to QC on a Friday in time. 

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A little over 6 hours left!


This challenge ends at midnight, London time.

In preparation I'm letting this app do some ranking. Hilarious!

The Brueghel scored a solid 99.1%.

The grass is always greener image a seriously good 90.1%

Some of my favourites so far have a score below 10%; one however scores even higher than the Brueghel.



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Here are my three. I hope an illustration is OK, I didn't see where that medium was banned. 


All Creatures, Great and Small



There are more things in heaven and earth (Shakespeare)



You are what you eat


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Thank you all for taking part!
As usual you made it quite difficult: my lightbox holds 29 images.


At least three images did not make it because the makers already had one in my top 4.
Some made it because they instantly made me laugh out loud or pushed some of my (not so) secret buttons. Some did not make it in spite of pushing some of those. Sometimes again, because the maker already had been included with another image.

Really funny pictures: the dog with swans; the rhinos; the toilet bowl; the man alone in his boat; the icecream; the chicken; the eggs and the salad girl and the red meat guy.
Really good illustrations of a saying: the red herring; time slipping away; shooting at the moon and the blacksmith.
Really good pictures: the frog; the bear; the castle; the jump; the leap; first light and the deluge.

And then there was the everypixel aesthetics calculator that made mince meat of my judgement: the frog is a 91.1% all right, but the bear is what? 0.0%! The castle tower scores 98.7%; the deluge 96.4%; the first light 96.3%; the leap 94.9%; the jump 84.6%.
It doesn't like bears. Or I am letting the fact that I do like bears cloud my judgement of course.

However all these have not made it to my final list. Which is where the voting takes place.

Go over there and vote!


Last month I thought I had a massive record win in a massive record turnout.

This however proved a Fake Fact.

Yes voter turn out was high: 58 votes.

And before that April 2016 and August 2014 both only reached 57 votes.

But in April 2013 we had a true record 67 votes.

And my 48.28% (28) votes score was higher than Russel Watkins who scored 44.68% in January 2015.

But Julie Edwards still holds the all time record with a staggering 52.08% in November 2013.


Thank you all for entering those great images!



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