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Ed Endicott

Editorial Placement Size vs. License Fee (not complaining about fees)

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I was looking at the image calculator today and something struck me.  The pricing in the calculator for single image placement on an editorial website quotes 1/4 page, 1/2 page, full page, etc.


What does that mean?  If I view a website on my laptop, that image could fill the screen of the laptop - is that full page?  When I view the same image on my desktop computer monitor, it only fits half the page...is it still full page?  is it half page?


Does anyone know if there is a specific guide?  I'm curious as I've never thought about this for web use.

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Difficult to say, but I personally think that it's almost impossible to quantify these days.


What does 'page' mean?  Is it the visible area (presumably).  In any case, a responsive, dynamic Website can easily alter the display size of the image according to the device on which it is being used, the screen resolution available, etc. At a minimum, the size might fill a smartphone screen, but then be a thumbnail on a large monitor with a high resolution.  Conversely, it might fill the large screen.


Difficult to judge, almost impossible to 'police'.  Going into the future, it will get even more difficult and subjective.  Lord only knows how they price it...

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