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Latest vlog - Dorset

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Another good vlog.


It makes me feel incredibly lazy, the effort you put in to photography.


Well, I do this full-time but even then it's hard to find the time to do everything I want to!


Not sure what it'll be this week. It could be a tutorial I've been trying to visit or a location guide. My wife is off later today on a school trip so I'm on my own for a change with the family which is why my time is restricted.


The week after will definitely be somewhere and the week after that. Possibly a break after that and then into the Dolomites where I'm doing a recce with a fellow pro as we are wanting to run a photography workshop over there for people :)

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I'll be sure to catch up on your latest vlog when my mobile bandwidth is refreshed as I have just about run out and can't watch long videos even at teh lowest res until the 21st... oh the pain of being an itinerant!

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Thanks Mick! I appreciate the continued support :)


Although not as bad as you, I lost high speed internet when we moved to a village. Hopefully though they are talking about getting the majority of France up to decent standards as a short term project.

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