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Do you know anything about these websites?

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I had a zoom recently on my laughing cheetah cub E8B12H and decided to look for it online. Unfortunately I found it on some very questionable sites. The first one looks somewhat like a brothel....http://hdimagelib.com/laughing+cheetah+cubs... The second one also has my bear cub C2FMX4.




Not an encouraging discovery. Any thoughts about these sites?




Edit: The second one also allows free downloads. Sigh.

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I found one of my zoomed images yesterday on an equally unappealing web site called cropme.club.  It offered multiple resolutions for download, which I didn't try because I'm sure I'd be catching something if I did.




P.S. I have also found zoomed images on keywording sites.

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Both sites have plucked the cheetah image from a discussion on alamy.  You can download these from Alamy as well with the watermark, so not really different in that sense as they have the watermarked image.



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Half the time I do a google search for one of my images I find it on some questionable site. Lately I've found some of my more sensitive images on alt-right sites.

One deplorable uses a thumbnail as his profile pic on YouTube. It's bad enough when someone steals your photos, even worse when it's someone you would never sell to in the first place.

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I was freaked out to find some of my images of Hillary Clinton on alt-right sites during the election, with obviously unfavorable content. That's the real downside of stock. 


I also found good sellers on those freebie sites. It's so frustrating. 

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