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I want to submit some photos I have tacken at a football match in the UK. The game was at the Fulham Fc FA cup game against Tottenham. My pictures include a close up shot of the Emirates FA Cup sign,  the Fulham FC sign on one of there stands, and  wide shots of the pitch with players either during the pre-match warm up or playing (not a close up shot). I am wondering if anyone knows what the rule/copyright laws would be for these type of photos? Any commercial lawyers out there? Thank you.     

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No breaches of copyright there, lthough I'd leave off the closeups because they may break Alamy's rules about logos.

However if you were not accredited the terms and conditions on your ticket may prevent you from licensing them. In any case Fulham may eventually get round to asking Alamy to remove them, which Alamy will. But that's not what you asked as it's not primarily about copyright but contract.

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I once got out my camera at a Bolton Wanderers pre-season friendly home game and was quickly pounced on by a steward who advised that I could not use it unless I was an accredited press photographer.


The conditions of entry to the ground state that bringing in audio/visual recording equipment is forbidden, except for mobile phones which are used for personal and private use only.


I guess that other professional football grounds will have similar conditions attached to entry. I know nobody ever reads the ground regulations, which are posted outside the ground, but by entering the premises one  is deemed to have accepted them.

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