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Alamy QC Rank frozen

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. Now I just don't understand why alamy has let people in the past to upload batched that alamy knew will be failed without being checked.

Because that was the deal. It was explicitly stated that a QC fail would apply to all uploads during the waiting period.

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Mark, I'm NOT talking about some batches during the same waiting time. What I'm talking about is:

1. You've uploaded a batch. It failed.

2. Then you uploaded a second batch. AFTER THE FAILURE OF THE FIRST BATCH, after you got the mail.

3. Then you waited almost a month to find out that this batch has failed too - when in reality it was NOT checked at all.

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"Yes, the old QC process meant that once you enter batch fail, all images submitted after the failed batch would be included in the batch fail.


Now we have transferred over to the new system, this will no longer happen.


You are more than welcome to re-upload the images that didn’t technically ‘fail’ as long as you are confident they meet our technical standards."

I asked alamy because my last batch - uploaded after one failed - waited some weeks to be checked and then was rejected without marking any of the Images as checked (that is, contrary to past failures, no reason for failure for any of the images).

And yes, it didn't sound logical to me. That's why I asked.

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i had a similar issue: rejection with no visible errors.

After 1 day another "batch" appeared on the list with a single image which failed with a written issue.

It seems my ftp uploading included another image i didn't take care of which was "corrupted" by the ftp software then made a failure on all images of the entire previous batch.

Hope this helps :)

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