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Image Manager - location and pseudo fields

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Would it be possible to optionally turn off the location and pseudo fields when searching for images to keyword? (Or better still default to off with the option to include)


My pseudo contains the name of two UK towns and a US city, so searching for images from those places brings up all of my collection! I know, stupid decision,  I was but young and green...


Further, the location field sometimes contains irrelevant information, for example "Bristol" road in an image relating to say Birmingham. 


I guess that these searches were removed from the main search engine for similar reasons.

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Alternatively could you ask for your pseudo to be changed? You could make up a word that gives no Google hits, thereby making usages and infringements easier to find too, as well as solving your Search problem within MI?

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Not a bad idea thanks, and I have thought about doing that.


However, I've been making regular sales for a few years now and invested a load of time. I don't want to do anything that might damage my standing on Alamy. There might even be folk out there who like what I do and search by pseudo, unlikely, but who knows?


It was a real problem when standard customer searches included your pseudo, but, thankfully, that is no longer the case.


There's a lot to like about the new MI, but clearly also plenty of room for improvement. I guess that my wish on this one is unlikely to be granted any time soon.

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If they searched for your Pseudo wouldn't you see it in "Alamy Measures - Your images"? (Assuming of course they're a registered customer whose data Alamy captures as part of Alamy Measures). I've never noticed a search for my Pseudo, but maybe I'm unlucky?

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