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I search for image use more frequently after an infringement. I found one photo used by National Geographic News in early January and another today from an online magazine in Canada used last week. Credit to myself and Alamy on the websites. Neither on my account. I am now wondering how many sales vanished into thin air? Is it usual for delays in sales posting?

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Very variable, from a day or two to a number of months.


Give them 3 months, and if nothing has appeared, contact contributor relations at contributors@alamy.com. You will need evidence of the usage, e.g. a screenshot and details of the publication. If it is a genuine lease you will eventually get paid, while if it is a fraudulent use, that's in the lap of the gods.


I occasionally do a Google images search on my photos that I know sell, and of those zoomed more than 3 months ago. Not sure that it's worth the effort, but if I've nowt else to do it puts in the time.

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Had a Nat Geo picture published in august 2016 popup in my sales in january. Since it was a sale through a distributor, took even longer than the usual 3 months - this is the response I received from Alamy.


But as said, some sales popup the same day or day after... From what I understand it depends on the contract the buyer has with Alamy.


And it was my first sale of a cat photo ;-)

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