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new Manage Images - post General Info, Video in easy-to-find place

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Alamy, please post new 'Manage Images' general info - including your video - in a place contributors can find easily.


(While I was taking tour of new Manage Images, I  prematurely closed area with 'View Video' link. Now I have questions, but can't locate that video.)


Your new Manage Images certainly looks promising.  Thanks - Ann


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Yes, Ann, I agree that Alamy should do this. If you quickly look through the thread we have on the new Manage Images you'll find the links that contributors have provided. I'd do it for you now but am in a bit of a rush.



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NYCat - Thanks, Paulette, I must have skipped the thread pages with the links.


Ian Gibson - Thanks, Ian. Alamy's video is very helpful, and I expect to watch it more than this one time.


I'm going to go back to Help link for a few specific questions. Ex. - Can we accurately check an image is "Only available on Alamy" if it is also available on our own website?

- Ann

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