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No, not really.  You can get overall hits for a pseudo, or hits by keywords in alamy measures for your images. 

More relevant would be to look at zooms, and those you can see in Measures.  Just click "your zooms" to see all the images of yours that have been zoomed.  You may have to upload lots more before you see any action though.

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There's no counter as such, but it is easy to see which of your images have been looked at on a page and which images have been zoomed.

Go to Your Handy Dashboard; click on the arrow next to Alamy Measures; click on Your Images; now click on your pseudonym (or one of your pseudonyms, in case you have more than one); then click on one of the keywords. It will show you exactly which images have been seen. Well have been on the page the client was looking at. Whether he/she has looked at your specific image you'll never know at this stage. That's different for zooms: in the same screen there's a column for zooms. If you click on the number it will show you the actual image that has been zoomed / images that have been zoomed.

It will not show the images of your competitors. Not the views nor the zooms. For the views you have to do a regular search on Alamy. For the zooms, you will have to guess. From the total amount of views, you can deduct how deep the buyer actually drilled down. For quick low-paid uses, the idea is that researchers have a very limited time and will not look beyond the first 3 or 4 lines; up to one page at most. Researchers with more time on their hands may well go to 10 pages deep and zoom a 100 images. If there has been only one zoom and it was yours, then there's serious hope for a sale.

Here's a direct link to your Pseudonym Summary - provided you are logged in. (Maybe keep it as a bookmark.)


There are sales that seemingly have not been zoomed before. Some are a mystery ;-) Most however are easy to understand.

First of all not all zooms are being shown, only those by repeat customers. Then those searches that only involve the Alamy Ref # are not being shown anymore. Some buyers look at images; copy paste the Ref # n a local document and use that to decide which image to buy. Also zooms from lightboxes are not picked up by the system.

And of course when the zoom was for a slightly different keyword as the sale, the system won't know they're connected.



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It's rather less than a sale every 5 years from 20 images, I'm afraid.


Maybe the images are unique and the subjects in great demand?

I love the deer with the tourist leaflet.

Btw I would include the location and probably the sort of deer in the caption.

In the keywords I would add Japan and Japanese. If the location is important, like Nara, I would include that too, because the location field is non-searchable. (=Long story.)



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