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If i read well every pseudonym has own rank..  I want to focus of course just one. My name is Trained Pet Photos and i work with animals usually but what if i want to upload about vintage objects or about children.

What customers think if they find an image about a child from TrainedPets? hehe.....  But specific pseudonym can be also good because it can bring some unexpected clicks from curious customers? 

What should I do? Change all my pictures with an irrelevant pseudonym if i want everything in one place or use two or more pseudonyms? :huh: What is your opinion It's better to use more or worst? Better to use specific or worse?  


Thanks your answer.  :)

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I personally have only one pseudonym, which is my name, so any image can be in that pseudonym.


In your case i would have different  pseudonyms.



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I don't really think customers care what the photographer's name/pseudo is if the image is right.

Splitting your images up becomes more useful the more images you have. Being able to group them by subjects and compare how they are doing can be interesting.

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I have 4 pseudonyms for various reasons, but it's a fluid thing and depends on their rank. If we ever get a rerank again I may change what I use specific pseudos for. So in my case, it's not about subject matter, and the name I give my pseudos doesn't reflect their content.

My aim is to get my images seen of course, so I put my best images of a particular subject in my best performing pseudo. If I have too many similar images, I'll stick some in one of my other pseudos to help protect the CTR of my main one. At the moment I have my main one that has a much higher rank than my others. I created one for just my best images, which I hoped would sell more and once the rank for that increased, I planned to move the bulk of my images into it. However, until the rank for that pseudo improves, those images won't get seen! So it's a balancing act and for now I'm using my main pseudo for my best images. I have another pseudo that's intended to be for "not so good but worth keeping" images.

After a rerank, I'll see where each pseudo sits in the ranks and I may change how I use them accordingly. Just like keywording, it's an on-going process that needs regular adjustment to get the best results.

I don't claim to be doing things the best way, or that my method works better than others, but it makes sense and works for me.


Sounds like a good way to do it, Geoff.

I have a pseudo for flowers, trees and plants. Another for wildlife, including birds, bees, and butterflies. One for better images, and one for the bulk of various, everyday random subjects. The latter has the most images.

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