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How was your October 2016?

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3 for 112, including one distributor.


Ironically, the best value sale was one from a client who paid 33% more for a similar usage a year ago.  This usage was from around the same time and only discovered behind a pay-wall thanks to Google Images and a thumbnail linking to the article.  Why I should have to fight for a year to get 33% less from a known client for a confirmed usage is beyond me! :angry: :angry: :angry:.  Makes me wonder what else is hidden behind that pay-wall?!


Anyhoo...(calm down, Danny!) Alamy did recover some form of payment eventually; November has always been good to me; I have an advertising usage from another agency and 3 or 4 direct sales to a calendar company; a payout from Alamy this month; plus DACS pays out soon, too.


Reasons to be cheerful...


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19 for $391 gross, so not complaining overmuch.


Good news, first 3 figure sale for what seems eons, and best ever month for zooms after a particularly zoom light period.  :)


A personal use sale appeared during the clouds of night on the 31st, so, hopefully, genuine.


Not so good news, the 3 fig sale was through a distributor.  :(  

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Bizarre month…

Two refunds, though one re-purchased  at exactly the same price and terms as the original sale.
A few personal uses, and one unauthorised newspaper use now on the books. Almost all of this before the month was half done.

Final result - 13 sales and $236. Largest value sale $58.

Bizarre month …

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I have to get "real" and I have been and continue to be a big fan of Alamy, but the licenses

that I have been seeing for the last couple of years are insulting to me and yes I have licenses

every month.  What I am seeing is a race to the bottom and I can not justify spending time

prepping images to upload to Alamy for the return that I have been seeing.


Sorry to post this, but it is my honest feeling.



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