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After a record breaking month in August, Sept was not a good month. 1 sale for $10.88 Gross, $3.27 net.


However, Alamy have just invoiced an infringement I told them about for $75, but apparently it won't appear in my numbers until the infringer pays up.

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Hi to everyone - new to the forums, though I've been on Alamy since 2003.

Anyway, my figures for September - $588 from 10 sales.

Highest was $255, lowest was $10

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15 licenses including 5 Personal Use and 3 distributor licenses. (not counting 1 refund)

585.90 gross

Average price per license $39.06


Unfortunately these Eastern European licenses make Personal Use look good.

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Correcting, three sales, summing up to under $20.00. I am still confused when reading the sales reports, but it seems as though this is a good estimate. Given that my first sale was back  in August I am happy  :)

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Trend is good for me, too. Sales volume and gross/net almost identical to last month - 3 sales ~$40-$50 gross each. That's fine: selling consistently now and searches/views/zooms and (most importantly) sales all positive for me.


Now if only Alamy could keep on top of infringements in a timely fashion, then I'd be a happy bunny!

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35 sales for me this month and well done to KM for getting over 100



a late surge on the last two days really helped....




Same for me - the usual small newspapery ones but also a couple of medium magazine and book sales on the 30th - 11 sales in one day is possibly a record for me.

But as Jeff says above, if a record number of sales bring a less than record income, it's not much to celebrate.

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