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After the recent announcement about Fuji's medium format mirrorless camera, I am wondering what opinions exist...


By virtue of sensor size, I expect that image quality will be "better" than most current FF cameras - and I hope the GFX 50s will prove beneficial/useful for pro-level travel, street/reportage and fine art photography.


However, with the A7rii currently available (I already own 35mm and Hasselblad V system lenses) - I'm wondering if the wait, unknown cost and inevitable difference in size and weight will be beneficial...

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I've read the review of the prototype revealed at photokina. Looks pretty big and with a price tag suggested $10,000 area. It reminds me of the time I splashed out on a 67 Pentax thinking it would be like a bit bigger 35mm. Well it certainly wasn't that, but I did get a lot of good shots with it. And a lot of not-so-good stuff for the bin. Clients loved the nice big trannies, my shoulders weren't so keen.


Given the quality of the sensors in the full-frame current 35mms I don't really see much point in this and the few other medium format options. Looking at it with the grip added, it's a whopper! The Hasselblad  mirrorless is very trim in comparison. Neither option will offer a really wide lens which is always a problem with a new system


But then, I don't see why anyone in their right mind would plump for something like an Aston Martin. Clearly I stand no chance as the next Bond. I think I've left it a bit late anyway.

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