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Couple of questions about converting jpegs to vectors; any input appreciated

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TIA for any info/opinions.


I have a number of photos that are not suitable for uploading as jpegs (file size too small, mostly) but that IMO make very nice vector art. My questions after looking through the forum are:


1. I've seen some reference to other sites more suitable for highly edited photos. Should I be looking elsewhere to sell vectors created by converting jpegs? These are images such as the Jamaa el Fna night market in Marrakech, taken from above, where converting to a vector with medium detail makes it look more like an impressionistic painting. Alamy, or elsewhere?


2. Model releases . . . same as for photos? If I have a jpeg converted to much a less detailed vector image that has wholly unrecognizable human figures in the distance . . . do I have to list this as people present, no releases? Sorry if this kind of question has been asked over and over in different forms.

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Converting jpgs to vectors can be handy, but is not the same as a true vector.  You don/t get the same under layers you would get with a true vector.  In an actual vector, a small circle over a large circle would be 2 true full circles.  In the software I use, if you converted the same jpg image, you would have one full small circle but the underneath circle would only be the part that was showing in the jpg.  Sort of donut shape.  So in my opinion that would be misleading unless mentioned in the description that the vector was a converted jpg.


Never tried to actually convert a photo to a vector.  Must try it to see what happens.  Not sure about the release. Most vector images of people are not actual people.  If it has a real person, even converted, you probably would have to have a release.



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Thanks for your response.


Re misleading description: Do people who license vector images want to be able to edit and alter them, themselves? If not, is there another reason full under layers would be important? TIA.

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