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I have a number of zooms where there was only 1 zoom recorded but no sale shown after some months.  If I remember correctly, on the old forum, there was a way described of dragging images from Alamy into Google Image Search but I can't make this work.  I'm either doing it wrong or it can't be done that way. 


Can anyone advise on the best way to search these images (in layman's terms) please.



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I put the images I am searching for in a folder on my desktop. Open Google images, and click on the little camera in the search box to "Search by Image" Click on the "Upload an Image," then "Choose file" and find the file in the folder on my desktop.



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Dragging doest work for me either, may I am doing it wrong. What I do is:


Right click on the photo, then press copy image location

and paste it on the google image search.


Hope it helps

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I sent this to a pal a week or so ago. May be of use...


1              Open two internet sessions in either Chrome or Firefox (doesn't seem to work on IE).


2              Go to  http://www.google.co.uk/imghp on one of them.


3              Open a page on the other session where the target image is


4              Drag and drop the image onto the text box on the other one and it should open up into a larger box saying drop image here.


5              Drop it and await results...

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An someone mentioned on the previous thread, if you're using a compatible browser you can download Search by Image for Google™. Then all you need to do is right click on the image, select Search Image, and any results will pop up in a separate window. No need to download the image or drag&drop it.

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