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Can Keywords Be Added In Additional Languages?

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If you submit photos with English keywords how does someone (who doesn't know English language) in, for example Asia, search for images?  Are the keywords that you enter translated into other languages for sales in other countries?  If not, can you enter your own keywords in a 2nd language?  Thanks.

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If the other language uses the roman alphabet (e.g. French, German) then you can of course add them yourself.

Otherwise, in other parts of the world, Alamy uses distributors who will re-keywored images on their sites in the relevant language.

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I just noticed in Alamy Measures that I recently had a zoom for a  German word. It was probably idiomatic because it didn't make sense to me.


Most photo buyers who use an English Language site are probably fluent in English or at least have the English words for whatever they're searching for.


Still, it might not hurt to include French, Italian or Spanish keywords if you have room. I often find there are enough differences between British English and American English to fill up valuable keyword space.

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I do put some keywords in the native language for appropriate images if I remember, but I've never had a sale thereby, nor more than a handful of zooms. They rarely appear in searches so at worst the do no harm.

Only the obvious ones such as vin, wein, vino, landschaft, binnenschiff, vaporetto, bier, herkunftbezeichnung.

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