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I just searched the July images found thread and unfortunately didn't see any of mine. The images I subbed were news images from the aftermath of the Dallas police killings. They were in the news feed for two days and then I subbed some more last night. So if they will ever be sold and published, I figured that would be happening immediately. There were about four or five photographers who subbed images from the events that took place here. So I'm wondering has anyone seen any Alamy images from Dallas in any UK papers or via their online versions? Or is it just too early to know? I've searched some and couldn't find any. I've heard that sales reporting sometimes lags behind publication, so hopefully no sales now doesn't mean they didn't happen.  :) 



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I wouldn't necessarily expect to see news images in the "Have you found any Alamy Images" threads after only two days, especially if they're published in the US.

I'm grateful when someone finds one of my photos but I have regular sales and they rarely make that thread.


Also keep in mind Texas is about 6 hours behind London. If you want to make the UK Dailies' deadline you need to upload early.



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Thanks fD, 


I'm not expecting to see the photos published in the US. I see the Daily Mirror and other UK newspapers publish a lot about tragedies like the one in Dallas. And yes, you're right about uploading early bit. 


And thanks funkyworm. I'll check that out. 



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Thanks Kay. Glad to see it. Didn't think it was that unclear when I uploaded it. Had a couple others of him that were clear. My mistake. 

Sure thing Mark. Hope it's at least enough to buy a Venti Passion Tea at Starbucks  :)

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