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Search for model released image, gives results with no releases?

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I had a curious zoom yesterday. The search term was simply "Bristol( MR)" .Which means, I am guessing that they ticked the model release button next to the search box.

The result of mine that they zoomed did not have a release(certainly not a model release as there were no people in the image.)

So I tried the search myself and hundreds of images came up with no model releases. (probably because they had no people in them for the most part)

The few images that did have people in them did have releases. I don't see why it would default to show images without people and therefore with no releases, given that the searcher wanted released images.

This could harm rankings because its not giving the images that a client actually wants.

It seems logical to me that the client was looking for images of people in Bristol with model releases, so why show irrelevant images?



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I had a funny search from yesterday as well where the searcher had specified [WP] With People.... 5 of my images were viewed, none of which have people in. Thinking I may have mistakenly ticked the people box, I checked... Nope... All are listed as 0 people, with no reference to people in the keywords. I don't understand why they would come up in the search results... 


Kind of annoying if it affects my CTR (albeit to a miniscule extent!).


Maybe the search engine was having an off day yesterday?

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It seems logical to me that the client was looking for images of people in Bristol with model releases



Why? It doesn't seem logical to me. If they wanted pictures of people in Bristol they would have searched for pictures of people in Bristol. It's much more likely that they wanted any pictures of Bristol that they could use for commercial purposes, with or without people.



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