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Possibly a stupid question but......


Can I claim and Alamy on my behalf too?


I've always claimed for DACS myself. I just send them a spreadsheet of Alamy sales and they do the rest.



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If you're going to claim yourself, you should tell us not to claim for you. If you've already done that in the past, there is no need for you to do anything else.


If you claimed yourself but didn't tell us not to claim and we went ahead, DACS have told us that they will be able to recognise that and reject Alamy's claim for you. This way, you would not be in a situation where you end up out of pocket.


Hope that clears things up.



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Thanks all for the replies.


I've always claimed myself as I thought you couldn't claim twice! It was just that I got an email this morning from Alamy saying that i'm opted out but wondered if I was interested in them claiming for me. 


So Alamy, yes, leave the arrangement as it is and i'll claim like I have done in the past.



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I just got the email confirming that I have opted out of Alamy claiming on my behalf.


The email also gives me the option to let Alamy claim on my behalf only for TV usages. So it seems that I and Alamy can indeed both claim for me, only for different categories.


Question to fellow contributors: Is it more difficult to claim for TV usages? or can I simply use my Alamy sales spreadsheet for that as well?



Edit:  Another thread was started, which answered my questions (see "DACS opt out of Alamy Claim").

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