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anyone want to share their Stockimo sales average / low / high

mine: $32,50 / $1,59 / $122,68




Not sure of average but lowest is $1.61 and highest is $62.50


Pretty much a waste of time IMO as I have 1600 odd pix with Stockimo and only 6 sales for a total of $119.63 ... and this is at the premium rate of 50% . Must be absolute shite for people who signed up for the 20% commission.

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640 on sale

19 sales so far (4 more spotted but not showing as sales yet)

Highest was $56

Lowest was $3

Last sale was $14

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I only have 58 up though. I am consistently getting better ratings than I used to, but no sales so far. I expect I'll have to upload a whole lot more before I see any sales. 

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My most recent sales have all been for $0.16 each.   As soon as I get a free afternoon I plan to close my entire account, even if I have to go through all 500+ images and delete them manually.  I will not allow my work to sell for so little.


It is not only an insult to me but to every photographer.

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40 sales so far with 669 accepted. I've had plenty of decent sales ($150, $83, $50, $50 all in the last three months). 

I'm curious how long have you had images up.  Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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