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Hi everyone,


I've just got some pictures through QC and was wondering since I shoot mainly nature photos, plants landscape, an odd bird now and then. Is this a good place to sell nature pics or would I be better off in a specialised site?




- tommi

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I can't speak for specialist sites, but in my experience nature shots do not do all that well on Alamy.


I revamped my portfolio into four psuedonyms at the start of May, and put my nature/wildlife shots into one of them.


Since then, the other 3 psuedos have a ratio of around 1.5 views per image. My wildlife pseudo has a ratio of 0.3 views per image.

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Nature is not my field of expertise (unlike Philippe who is an expert). Having said that, have a look at All of Alamy, which shows us what customers are looking for on Alamy. It is on your My Alamy page.

If you search for %finland% and set the start date as far back as possible, which now is July 1, 2012, you get about 460 results. Don't be offended by people looking for Santa, but try to assess how much interest there is in your subjects. You can of course search for a specific subject; click on one of the results and see what other images there are on Alamy, and where yours turn up in a search. For newspaper use they should be on the first page of results and preferably in the first rows. For specialist books and magazine articles, researchers sometimes look through many pages of results. You can deduct the amount of pages that the search went on, by looking at the amount of views. The default result for a search by a client is now 120 images / page.

Having the most important keywords in the Essential Keywords part of the keywords section is very important.

Also look at possible searches like deer lapland the results of course are all reindeer. So clients may not care for any difference.



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I just do nature these days (because I enjoy it) and use Alamy and 2 specialised sites. Alamy does the best out of the 3. BUT theres not a lot of activity in "nature" IMHO. Most of my sales are from older "concept" and "travel" style images.

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