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Well, after my best month ever in March with 18 sales, April was a disappointment.


6 sales for $148.


It was a very strange month, I had 3 sales on the 1st. - then nothing until the 26th!


Despite the low number of sales I did have my BME for rolling sales (20 on the 1st.) but by the end of the month that had dropped to 8!


Also had BME for rolling views at 7411, although rolling zooms halved from 53 at the start to 26 at the end.


So a curate's egg of a month.



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In number of sales: BME (and already BYE) in April with .73 ctr - happy.

Some "Editorial-personal use" licenses for way to cheap - unhappy.


Month by month I see the increase in number of sales but still waiting for some serious prices coming in...

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