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Hi . I am a new member and am having problems uploading photos from my iPad to Alamy.


When I try to upload I get a message that says I need to download Adobe Flash, and when I attempt to do this, another message appears which says your device does not support this application.


I wonder if anyone else has had this problem and could let me know what I need to do so that I can upload from my iPad? That would be a big help.




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Flash doesn't work on Apple machines.

Unless you can use an FTP application such as Filezilla you won't be able to use the Ipad.

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For post-processing, annotation and transmission from iPad I use Filterstorm Pro 2 (http://filterstorm.com/pro2/) available in the App Store for $15 (US). I won't get into all the features and benefits, those can be read on the developer's web site, but in short, it seems to have been developed with photojournalists in mind and allows post-processing, single image or batch IPTC metadata tagging and image delivery with presets for annotation and predefined destination settings. It supports export of images to FTP (which I use for Alamy), email or to the iPad photo library (from which you can transmit files if you do so through a web http interface) while giving you full control of exported image settings in regard to pixel dimensions, image size on disk, JPEG quality and even exports TIFFs if you want.

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Filterstorm Pro 2 is no longer available. They currently offer a package of Filterstorm Nueue and FSN Pro



I'm still using Filterstorm on my original iPad so I can't comment on the newer versions.


The key is to either use an ftp program for iOS or a browser that supports Flash. One advantage to Filterstorm is that it also allows you to caption and keyword photos.

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I use the free browser Puffin to keyword images that are already in Manage Images as it allows copy, cut and paste. I can get to the upload window, so I think it will allow you to select and upload from an iPad as well, but I haven't done that.

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