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First Six Months of 2013

First Six Months of 2013  

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  1. 1. How does your number of sales during the first six months of 2013 compare with the same time period in 2012?

    • better
    • worse
    • about the same

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  January - June 2012   29 sales for $1664.07 (Gross)

 January - June 2013   33 sales for $1422.46 (Gross)


Number of images added during the 12 months  1038.


Increase in number of images on sale  16%

Increase in number of sales  14%

Increase in gross earnings -14%


I am not unhappy because now and again, I get one good sale and that makes a big positive difference.  It did not happen in either of these periods.


I do not do the Lottery and I cashed in my Premium bonds,  Alamy  "Summary of items sold" is an excellent substitute for these...

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Good topic John, prompted me to take stock (pardon the pun).


Excluding NU


My gross revenue is down13.5% while the quantity is down 3.5%.


My average revenue per image is down from $68 to $61.


Not a pretty sight!!



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In the first half of my first full year with Alamy (2003) I grossed almost 7 times what I achieved ths year! |Bear in mind that at the time I was receiving 70% of the gross as well so I banked around 10 times what I received this year. Take inflation into account and it is nearer 15 times less purchasing power from Alamy this year. I know I still do not have a lot of images but I have been adding a steady flow of pictures each year, just can't get inspired to put a lot of effort into it. My photography efforts are largely going elsewhere.- I am working on my new business plan as we speak.

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