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I've had the best results with the kind of pictures I shoot. I have no success at all with the subjects I don't shoot.


Yes, it's a very broad question... :P

Amazing the same happens with my shots too. ;)


One thing I've found is that photos I kind of added just because they were nice, but not the ones I thought were going to sell best, have sold. And a couple that I thought would be a hit, have no sales... So to be honest, I can only answer you after the fact what has sold, and I'm not very good at predicting what buyers want.


I assume the question was based on "what should I shoot" to sell here on Alamy, not really "What Sells" which is more of the kind where what sold last week, might never sell for another year. Look at searches keywords and sales, some you can see are a project, which has been fulfilled. So if 6 sold for Jamaican Beach this week, that doesn't predict that the same subject will sell again for weeks or months or maybe until next year.


As of today, six sales... "oxford street london + selfridges" someone who's chasing sales from sold listings, wouldn't be very smart to think this is good. And possibly the next ten best seller searches for today. Copying what has already sold, just doesn't work that well on Alamy.


My answer for Marc Lucas is shoot what you like, have available without high expense, and do your best.


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