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Company tweet image infringment

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If someone has downloaded or screen grabbed a watermarked comp and used the image, that may be different. We will asses each case to see if it's commercially viable to pursue the infringement case on your behalf. If it isn't, you are not under any restrictions to continue to do so yourself.



I understand your reasoning, but if an image is lifted from your site (which it obviously has been if the watermark is still there) then the perpetrator has stolen from you, not us. Surely even if nothing else is done, an email from you would cost peanuts and would carry more weight and be more likely to intimidate the offender into removing it than a communication from the photographer?





Don't forget we're talking about a watermarked image in a personal tweet here - not a use in print, an advert, book, website etc - please don't take the thread off-topic.


As mentioned, we will asses each possible infringement on an individual case by case basis. 





I'm not sure I agree with that. Theoretically it may be a personal tweet but in practice it's a company advertising where its product can be purchased. I'm sure we all understand that its not commercially viable to chase every little infringement but we should at least make some effort where an image is clearly watermarked. IMHO 

Alamy, thanks for joining the discussion.

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Thinking out loud, that company is in Scotland, but if the image appears on a computer in England that may bring it within the jurisdiction of IPEC. Worth looking into.

All you need is a statement from a photographer in England or Wales saying he's seen the tweet. Happy to oblige if required. I have a screenshot.

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