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Hi, newbie here!


How do I indicate that a picture is editorial? Should I tick the box "editorial" under "restrictions", or does this mean that my pictures will NOT be sold as editorial if I do? This is confusing!


Also I cannot seem to upload Live News photos through the web uploader -I followed the instructions online but never see the option to choose LiveNews.


Help and thanks!

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There are several and also very recent threads dealing with this. Search for those.


Here are some containing important information:




Regarding the news upload, you should choose "Upload" and "News" and tick a box or two, then you should get the normal opportunity to choose images.


Sometimes the web upload fails. In these cases you should use the FTP upload. If you haven't got this opportunity, you may could Member Service if you could get it.



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Regarding live news - It may have changed for all I know, but when I was new I wasn't able to upload news but had to be more established first and await an invitation. So that may explain it - But like I said, it's possible everyone is able to use it now.



Yeah.. that changed.. everyone gets access to it now. I was missing the ability to do FTP uploads and had to contact member service to get that sorted... and as part of the process gained the ability to upload news. It's also in the Stockimo app so any many and his dog can upload news images with their iPhone.

Edited by Matt Ashmore

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