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Sorry to be blunt, but Alamy is not a photography club.

But we're drifting away from the OP's original question. He didn't ask how to make better pictures.





You are right Philippe, sorry that I drifted from the original question.

And, yes, this is a business, not a school, even though we are always learning a bit from each other.

So, focusing on the original question, do we need to spend money on keywording companies to make money here and sell more?



I think, before spending on keywording, invest in your photography skills.

Photography is half technical half artistic.

You need to master both of them.

Technical means the techniques to take better pictures and the processing after taking the picture.

The "artistic" part can also be trained and developped, even though part of it comes from yourself, your inspiration, you should learn and practice the photographic language.


Hope that helps.

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Someone gave you a red arrow dd. Now cancelled.




Thanks mate :)



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Someone gave you a red arrow dd. Now cancelled.



DD had more than 1 red arrow.. As I gave him a green and got rid of one of them and it looks like you got rid of the other.... Take them of the forum I don't know why people use them..
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Hey, guys ! I've started to upload photos on Stockimo a couple of days ago. I know that in this forum are people with a great experience and i'll appreciate to get some critique from you about my accepted Stockimo photos. :) Thanks !



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