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More interaction with Alamy in the forum

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It would be nice if there was more announcements of and interaction with Alamy in this forum. On the microstockgroup Alamy forum there's much more activity and announcements from Alamy than here in their official forum.


Some examples:

  • Alamy will get rid of Flash in the new manage image solution. This is something contributors have asked for a while, e.g., recently in the thread http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/5312-please-get-rid-of-adobe-flash/ . Yet, there's no confirmation from Alamy in that thread or on their blog, instead it's only announced in the microstockgroup forum.
  • Alamy will get rid of RM-E as license option to chose from and instead always ask the contributor if he agrees to exclusivity if the client requested it. How do we know? Again, the MSG forum.
  • RF Editorial coming to Alamy? MSG forum.

The primary source of official info and news about Alamy should be at alamy.com - either in the forum or somewhere else on the web site. 



Hi Chrumu,


Thanks for raising this. We are as interactive as we can be here, but with the volume of posts on this forum it would be impossible for us to reply to everything. It would then cause frustrations when we responded to some posts and not others.


On the MSG forum, the post count concerning Alamy is very low and because the audience there are less familiar with us, it makes sense for us to clear up the occasional topic when clarification is needed. Lots of folks on this forum are very knowledgeable and the answers generally come from the community. Whenever there is anything official to be announced we do so via email, the website, blog etc.


We also post very regularly here in comparison (136 posts there, 477 here) and regarding flash, we announced here back in November 2014 that flash would be removed from Manage Images. You can see the post here.


You can see a recent selection of our other contributions here and we keep posts like this specific to our own forum.





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Thank you for your reply and the update.


The update is very interesting, exactly what I missed a bit.


I understand that you can't answer all questions, and I don't expect it. There are many helpful contributors here who can answer most questions or give a deeper insight into a topic. But sometimes a thread just ends with "would be nice to get a statement from Alamy on this". This situation is exactly the one when I hope for an answer from you guys at Alamy. I assume you read everything, but maybe that's a wrong assumption.


So, again, thanks for the update, and please keep posting such info in the forum or in the blog. :)

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