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Hi, I was recommended Alamy last year and have now tentatively stuck my toe in the water. I uploaded my 4 test images last Autumn and promptly did nothing for 6 months! Now trying to upload images and build up a stock that hopefully could bring in a little cash. I am not a photographer by profession, although I sometimes have to use my limited skills at work in a design and marketing studio.


I've got over 9,000 photos on flickr, and I'm hoping that will make sorting out a few of the better ones for on here easier. I'm struggling with uploading at the moment though, I'm not finding it as straighforward as it appears!  (How long does it usually take for a batch of uploaded photos to appear?)


I'm into a lot of old stuff - cars and bicycles - and getting out on them on rides and road trips. Also a few air shows, and a few bits of local interest in and around Southampton. I'm not sure if there is any market for it all though! We will see ... Hopefully it will be worth the effort involved in uploading and tagging the images.


Will be searching on here for tips to help with tagging photos, and what is worth uploading, permissions etc ...





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  (How long does it usually take for a batch of uploaded photos to appear?)


If you mean after submission, it can take an hour or so to appear in 'track submissions'.

Otherwise, your images go on sale the day after keywording.

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Right, getting the hang of the ropes. 50 approved uploads now.


Spacecadet, I was getting confused after uploading photos. I wasn't sure if they had uploaded or crashed, so went through the whole process again. Obviously it's not idiot proof :rolleyes:


50 photos uploaded so far. Quite enjoying delving back through my old photos cherrypicking the better ones for here. That's actually quite an involved skill, trying to work out what could have the potential to sell, rather than a photo I really like. The two are very separate, and it's not something I've given much thought before now.

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Also I've dipped into stockimo. I've no idea where that will go. It's fun to use, but I'm not sure what, if any, return I'll get for the effort of submitting photos. It's interesting to see what photos get accepted or rejected, and what scores they get ...

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HI Zombi Kombi, welcome to Alamy

I am a newbie here, but can answer your question, though.

After uploading it take one or two hours to see they were received in the track your submission button.

Than it usually takes one business day for them to be evaluated, at least this is what has been happening with me.

After that you have to keyword them and, in one day more, they will be selling.

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