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Hi Guys,
Next month I will be away from home to photograph a festival and would like get my images in early.
I do not fancy carrying my laptop around all day as not sure wi fi will be available but my be able to get my hands on an ipad.
If I can borrow an ipad what program or app can I use to add the IPTC fields?
Or is there another technology I have not considered?


Sussing it out now, got iptc client and ftp Client. Just need cable to get photos to android phone


Edit no 2


Just ordered a USB OTG cable to get the photos from the camera to Samsung S6

All I need to do now is learn how to use the IPTC and FTP clients.

Any tips on uploading to live news with FTP through mobile android phone?



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I use Filterstorm Pro 2 on an iPad.

Allows batch annotation of images, prerecorded sets for IPTC fields, built in FTP client with presets for different destinations and a wide set of post-processing tools. Seems to have been designed with photojournalists in mind.

App is a bit buggy and support not great but I've learned to work with it.

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Hi Guys,

Had a trial run at uploading from an Android phone.

For future reference here is how I did it.

Bought USB OTG cable £2.99

Took compact flash out of camera and used OTG cable to attach to Samsung S6

Downloaded free apps - Photo exif editor and AndFTP

Uploaded images to phone from card

Edited with photo Exif

Finally uploaded with AndFTP


was not sure it worked at first as images to a long time to appear in track your submissions but they are there now.

Thanks everyone for your help

Hope this can help someone else


Paul Thompson

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