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PhotoShop CC for Mac may delete files in root folder

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Just read about it on Facebook. It deletes your first file.

They say to create a meaningless dummy file that will be listed #1 in the directory. Does this mean if I create an empty folder on my desktop and title it AAA, that would put it in the directory?

I don't much understand the guts of my computer.


No, it won't. I have to muck about in the directory. ????

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Just like Google, Adobe is a monster that we created....

While I need Photoshop and Google, I have come to

despise them.  Keep in mind that I knew John



What is next, Pandora, which I am listening to now?

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The more I read about the CC issues the happier I am that I decided to stick with CS5. The only thing with it that is a pain is that CS5 bridge (which I use all the time as I don't like Mac's Finder) no longer sees my D750 RAW thumbnails so for sorting RAWs I have to go to OnOne. Apart from that I am happy with CS5, and even more so when I read that it deletes root directory files for you.

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I think that some people are being a bit harsh with Adobe - they sorted the problem out in pretty short order.  When you look at some of the horrors that have been in Microsoft products (including Windows itself) that have gone unresolved for prolonged periods, an error slipping through in a complex application like PS and being resolved very soon after first being reported is just one of those things you have to accept... As with all software updates, it's often better to let someone else be the guinea pig. Ultimately there is a valuable lesson here: there is no substitute for good, regular backups of both data and system... talking of which I'm off to check that all mine are running correctly and to check that I can run a restore if I need to (too late to check after you need the backups)!


Creative Cloud Desktop on Mac Update Issue


Earlier today we were notified of an issue with an update to the Creative Cloud Desktop application on Mac that we rolled out earlier in the week.  In a small number of cases, the updater may incorrectly remove some files from the system root directory with user writeable permissions.

We have removed the update from distribution, and are in the process of deploying a new update which addresses the issue. When prompted for the update, Creative Cloud members should install it as normal.

If you have issues with the update, please contact customer support.

Much thanks to Backblaze for helping us identify the issue.

UPDATE: The update is now available, and you should be prompted to install it within the next 24 hours. You can also download and install it directly for Mac and Windows.

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Yeah it shouldn't happen but honestly, I would say I lose more images from my own mistakes compared to those from Adobe. It's the first one I've seen from them since being on CC so I can cut them a little slack. If it happened every time, that would be a different matter but I'm not going to allow a one off (from my experience) to stop me from using CC Photoshop.

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