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Without a refund, which the dashboard thinks belongs to the month it was sold (twice admittedly):


Average 49.99.

No I'm kidding: average 49.909


33 for 1647. A really good month.

3 out of the 4 100+ were however distributor sales (Japan).

2 more distributor sales were at the lowest end: Italy and Serbia.

Most of my Serbians came in December. They had been unreported by the local distributor since June 2014 while the last were in September 2015.
All credited to Alamy distributor Profimedia. Sizes up to 2500 × 1821px!

You know the prices by now ;-(



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I have mixed feelings about January. In the second week, sales came on strong and then stopped.  But the ones I did get were above average in gross values!


7 sales for $774 with an average of $110 gross per sale!

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15 for $270 gross, inc some distributor sales.


I hark back to 2010 when I only managed 15 sales in the year, but grossed $1292, and 60% of that was mine.


Aghhh the good old days.......   :rolleyes:

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Over the rolling year it was 4th best for number of sales (39) but the 4th worst for $$$ at just over $1100.  Way too may sub $6 ed web sales dragging down the average.  I can only hope that prices improve but suspect not. 



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2016 got off to a relatively slow start with four direct (non-distributor) sales for $375 gross.


As usual, my best sales were book sales, one for $180 and another for $110. Viva print!

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