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I don't usually report, but BME for numbers. Average way down.

First time in ages I've had sales within a couple of months of upload. Two, quite unconnected, from the same trip. Variety. For the first time I can contemplate a certain destination.

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Not in Novelty Use or UK Newspaper.  Like Mark, I don’t usually report, but hey it is a new year!


Compared to Jan 2015

No of sales: Slightly more than double,  Sales amount: 8% down


Comapared to Jan 2014

No of sales: 10% increase,  Sales amount: 52% down


Am I a glass half empty person?  :) 

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4 sales for $360, helped by my second largest ever at $278. Also took me over the 100 mark overall. I know some of you do that in a month ;) ​, but it was a nice little milestone for me and with a few I know of in the pipeline and Alamy chasing 3 infringements for me, I'm happy with the start to the year :)​​

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My months always seem to be the opposite of most other forum members.

It was my best ever month for the number of sales, by a long way.

I had my most sales ever in a week.

I had most sales ever in a day (twice)

The most important record however - cash - was a long way sort of my best.

Lots of newspaper sales and foreign distributor website $5 specials, most sales from images taken in the last year or so.


(One this morning, so a good start to Feb)

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Without a refund, which the dashboard thinks belongs to the month it was sold (twice admittedly):


Average 49.99.

No I'm kidding: average 49.909


33 for 1647. A really good month.

3 out of the 4 100+ were however distributor sales (Japan).

2 more distributor sales were at the lowest end: Italy and Serbia.

Most of my Serbians came in December. They had been unreported by the local distributor since June 2014 while the last were in September 2015.
All credited to Alamy distributor Profimedia. Sizes up to 2500 × 1821px!

You know the prices by now ;-(



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