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I'm a bit confused by my first sale of the year (and first RF sale ever... and possibly last)... looking at the image the RF price should be 140 GBP for the quoted resolution. However, it has gone through at 35 USD (under 25 GBP) - bit of a discrepancy there - less than 18% of the headline price. Will someone explain please?


[Edit] That was sale price too, so my share is 50% which comes to 17.50 USD after commission.


Thanks and sorry if I'm repeating a question that has already been asked.

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Most probably a bulk sale resulting in completely bonkers reductions. Easy for agencies to give huge reductions if they don't have to pay the expenses (we - photographers - do: travel costs, equipment, time, ...). A fact that's a bit too easily overlooked  :mellow:

Every day I ask myself more and more "Is it still worth it?" (4 sales dropped in this morning, none above $ 25 ...... gross:unsure:




Thanks, ultimately it's because when I started to submit pictures I checked out the selling prices advertised. I knew there would be discounts but this really is extraordinary - especially RF. I know that others have complained at sub 5 USD prices, so I know that I'm not in the worst position. I suppose it's down to competition combined with supply and demand. Ho hum...

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I have just finished reading a book called 'The Photos of the Century'. In it there is an interesting snippet of information from Sebastio Salgado who took photos of the assassination attempt on Reagan. He said "I can't remember how much I earned, let's just say I bought a big car and an apartment in Paris". A bit better than saying to your mates down the pub "I can't remember how much I earned, lets just say I bought a coffee and a doughnut"

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Unfortunately the market is controlled by supply and demand. My images are selling for about 10% of the prices when I first started with Alamy. 


There is an ever increasing supply in the market while the users are becoming less demanding on quality and can't afford to pay. How often do you now see iPhone images in the press and on tv!!


We just have to hope that this downward spiral will stop at some point.




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I just had an editorial website sale to Lithuania. Five years, for use at any size. My share comes to $1.59. It won't be long before they're giving them away.


No that's Getty.




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Prices are determined in the marketplace. Simple as that


True, but is it a good idea to drive prices down even further? I have a feeling that the market can still bear more than five bucks.

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Do the news feed pictures go for as little as the others, while they're still current?


I've never leased a current news-feed photo, so I don't know. But I've had images originally uploaded as "live news" sell as regular stock long after the fact, sometimes for very good prices ($250 in one instance), including one this month for $50.


P.S. I'm not a news photographer by any stretch of the imagination. All my "news" is soft news, really soft. :rolleyes:

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