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Have you found any Alamy images January 2016

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Mail online 10th


CXR659  Park/Medical Statins in blister packaging

BD0MEM Martin Norris Islamic muslim woman wearing a burqa niqab burka

CCA54Y Edward Moss Lemsip packets on a supermarket shelf. Lemsip provides cold and flu relief

AG4626  Elmtree Images Paracetamol tablets

AK2JW1 Pauline Cutler  2 overweight women eating icecream

B9G7G8  Andrew Paterson Fruit pastilles

D0YG0C  Chris Howes Woman putting luggage into overhead lockers on aircraft, UK

BJFTFN  TomBham Heartlands Hospital, Great Britain, 2009

F773T8  Tim Hill  Scotch broth

B5JBE8  beyond/beyond legs of overweight woman checking her weight on bathroom scales

CR3WMT ScotStock  Porridge oats for breakfast or a nourishing economical snack, topped with yogurt and brown sugar

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A stunning photograph of the interior of the interior roof of the church of St Jean De Montmartre in Paris (Photographer FP Collection) was connected by Scarborough Photographer Aiden Clarke of Aiden Clarke Photography. The photo appeared in the Guardian of 8-1-15 in a piece written by Rowan Moore about what is (in his opinion) the best 10 concrete buildings the finest of all being the Pantheon in Rome, Italy.

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Telegraph Online

CE6XJ5 Dinodia Photos Himalayan blue poppy
DT47BM  MIKA Images  Female business tired desk computer


AYP8XJ  Pat Bennett River Weaver in Cheshire, choked by mats of floating pennywort.
AK1PXF UK21 Floating Pennywort
EA417K Zoonar GmbH/Peter Himmelhuber Persian hogweed

C97KRE   Brian Jackson Mend a broken heart

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10/01/2016, UK, Observer [Review section], p6, La Pedrera in Barcelona, EN19F5, julie woodhouse [No credit - poss not via Alamy]

Many thanks SShep, I did have a zoom of this pic in December, so I am suspecting it is via Alamy.

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^^ You're welcome Julie

11/01/2016, UK, Guardian G2, p7, Leo Tolstoy, CEDTGE, Losevsky Pavel [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
11/01/2016, UK, Guardian G2, p8, War and Peace, F8XT8M, urbanbuzz [No credit - poss not via Alamy]

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Mail Online 11th


AB6J1X  Tony Charnock  Solihull High Street, West Midlands, UK

D9C1TF  incamerastock  Barge on the River Avon near Pulteney Bridge in Bath, Somerset, England, UK

DKRM78 Martin Kober  Skyline at Night, Fischerinsel, Berlin-Mitte, Berlin, Germany

BDAF3R  Jim Holden Supermarket shelves with price crunch price tags encouraging shoppers to spend

CEATXD  Paula Solloway  Fruit and veg for sale in a supermarket

ATFDDT MNPhoto   Woman silhouetted holding cigarette sitting on window ledge looking out of window

AJX16P Nigel Cattlin   Isa brown warren chickens in battery cages

AA68NN  Tom Merton Man and woman snuggling in bed asleep

AE6D0D  Nigel Wilkins  British Airways Concorde

B0YXDD David Cattanach  Interior of British Airways Concorde G-BOAG

DW0D7X  Clement Philippe  Miniature drone / unmanned aerial vehicle / UAV equipped with camera in flight against blue sky with clouds
C8J737  Chris Rout   Girl smiling using laptop
DXT4TA  Astronaut Images Woman laying on sofa and texting with cell phone
A9KDKH  blickwinkel/Held  domestic sheep (Ovis ammon f. aries), bleating sheep in herd, Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg
FA219N   Avpics  SX-DVT Aegean Airlines Airbus A320-232 - cn 3745 coming in to land at London Heathrow Airport
E7WXM4  Art of Travel And Aegean airbus arriving at Athens international airport
ENMY91   Peter Jordan  Women shopping at a Marks and Spencer Simply Food supermarket Bakery
C86FJ0   RTimages    Photo of a woman holding a red hot water bottle to her chest whilst wearing hand kniited woolen gloves trying to keep warm
D9W88R FotoFlirt Indigo airlines at the mumbai international airport, Mumbai, India
DWKAMG Zvonimir Atletić The new terminal of International departures of Kolkata airport on February 17, 2014 in Kolkata,India
BWX6Y7 Valentyn Volkov  Doctor completing on medical card. Isolated on a white
BD4GA0 Eisenhut & Mayer Black truffles on rice
B25WFN Alex Segre  Cyclist wearing helmet at stop line waiting at traffic lights in the City of London, England, UK
CE8A7H David Burton   female office worker eating working lunch
ARJ077  SuperStock  No Title ( businessmen revolving door)
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Daily Mail Online 11/1/16


D3EPNY   Oote Boe Ph     Art installation ‘swimming pool’ by Leandro Erlich at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa in Japan
C2D0DM   mikecranephotography.com   The Swimming Pool by Leandro ERLICH at Kanazawa museum
AF1YXP   David Cherepuschak   "Swimming Pool" by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich at the 21st Century Museum of Conteporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan

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The above photo (shot by  Jim Holden found by Aiden Clarke Photographer) was used to illustrate consumer prices in a report by James Murray in the Guardian on 11-1-16. The report is about the projected impact of carbon tax on pricing and how the consumer would be affected.



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Daily Telegraph, 12 January 2016


"Rail commuters suffer major delays as weather 'too sunny' for Southeastern train drivers"





Image ID: BJW0E3  

Copyright: © Rebecca Erol / Alamy Stock Photo

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Thanks again, Bryan.

I'll make that a cappuccino AND a slice of cake  ;)






Excellent thanks Philippe, I'll catch the 5 pm overnight ferry from North Shields to  Ijmuiden.... 


Metro 12th


P26  Peter Titmuss  Woman looking for a job or career change vacancies being advertised in the window of recruitment agency premises Job searching


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Telegraph Online

CEWE81 Patricia Phillips Bowl of Cadbury creme egg minis
BH1ADK Errol Rait An opened and broken 230g bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate.

Guardian online


DA44Y9 Milla Kontkanen Young baby sleeping in a Finnish maternity box

Daily Mail Online

B9NHY7 Dave Zubraski Galanthus and Eranthis hyemalis
AH3REK Nigel Cattlin Garden tools leaning against an outhouse wall
BMN935 RM Floral Erica carnea

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Mail Online 12th

ATFDDT MNPhoto Woman silhouetted holding cigarette sitting on window ledge looking out of window
CN0E87 Jonathan Buckmaster The statue of Lady Justice or the Scales of Justice above the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London
BN2A6R Greg Balfour Evans The Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, City of London, London, England, United Kingdom
BH4984 Darren Robb Young girl wearing a red dress standing with her arms folded frowning with a miserable expression against red wallpaper
S0C717 Photovision Images Male female men women couple unisex sign on wooden toilet wc door
ABADF4 IS-200711 Man and woman arguing
BEAKMY Jose Luis Pelaez Inc Unhappy couple

BHW6NJ   Mike Booth  "The Central Criminal Court" "The Old Bailey" London GB UK

C93CHN  Stockbroker Teenagers reluctantly doing housework

BRJKPN Radius Images Teenage Girl Reading Book to Little Boy

C2J3GG  Jeffrey Blackler  Branch of Byron hamburger restaurants, London

EKRCM0   LH Images  Entrance To The Coral Sea Aqua Club Resort El-Salam Road Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

B3FJM3   Stockbroker Maid making bed in hotel room

C00TDY Bryan Sikora  A set of house and car keys lay on the forest trail as a person walks away from them

B8M54K  Mark Pedley  Bunch of keys lying on a country road

C4998Y  Chris Rout   Woman looking for her lost keys

CNR0TY  Jakub Krechowicz   Health insurance or love concept

BA2W4H Marc Gilsdorf  Woman young hand red wine-glass bottle keeps closed detail fuzziness series people party celebration party beverage alcohol

BCWJ6C  Chris Rout   Woman looking at bottle of wine

ANMXXR  Tetra Images  Man looking at glass of wine

E6PRBN Hufton and Crow/VIEW  Marine Building, Plymouth, United Kingdom. Architect: Burwell Deakins Architects, 2012. Partial elevation of building on slope w

A6PYE8   Justin Kase  M25 motorway traffic fast train on bridge

DDRJA1   Martyn Williams  Car waiting at a level crossing with the barriers lowered as a train passes

DD58EM   Stephen VanHorn  Matcha green tea on spoon with cup of tea in background

BG4HJ0 MSP Food Images  Baby Spinach Leaves in a Colander

BAM340  IS2009-03  Wheatgrass

CN6RJM  Jeffrey Blackler  Chia seeds for baking are latest "superfood" rich in nutrients, London

BKD92F incamerastock  Cadbury's creme eggs cutout

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A traditional home in the Gambella region of Ethiopia

Ariadne Van Zandbergen/Alamy

The Guardian  |  12 Jan 2016  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 27
Terraced homes in Bristol, where letting agents encouraged landlords to raise their rents
Photograph: James Osmond/Alamy
The Guardian  |  12 Jan 2016  |  UK  |  English    | Page: 21
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