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Hello from the SF Bay Area of California

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Hi, my name is Susan, and I just started on Alamy, less than 48 hours ago. My first set of submissions, failed...because one of the four pictures was not sharply enough in focus. If one fails, the whole set fails.  My second set, passed...and I am now waiting for the third set to get through QC.  I love taking pictures, and also creating digital photo art out of some of my photographs. But, I find things like marketing, distasteful...and that is putting it mildly. Also, I have a problem with tag words. I have a problem with being able to think of very many. I am sure, that I would do much better in selling my photographs, if I could come up with more good tags. I guess I just don't have that great of an imagination, or something. I saw this morning that there is a great software program which does a great job with creating tags...but the standalone is $199, and I cannot afford it. The plug in version for Light room, also has monthly charges...and I can't afford that either...plus I don't have Light room right now. Does anyone know of any links to websites that just have lists of tag words, so that you can just read through the lists, and choose any that apply to the photograph you are trying to tag? I know that may sound silly...but if such websites exist...it would be a great help for broke people with fewer other options.  Thanks to anyone who knows of such a thing, and lets me know.

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Hi Susan, good luck!


Those keywording programs where ever you find them are pretty well a waste of time and money. They will offer a whole basket of useless words or tags as you are calling them. You either already have or could find for free a thesaurus which could be useful. "moggy, feline, tabby, pet," etc perhaps for your cat photos. I think looking for a magic wand is futile. Don't think of keywording as a marketing chore. rather an exercise in attaching thought to your photographs. That's a good idea both when planning new photographs and when adding value to ones already created.


If you can't anticipate the thoughts and needs of your potential buyer, your photos will hardly ever be seen, let alone published.

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The Microstock keyword tool is handy but Alamy is a different market so be careful with it.

Over time you'll be able to reuse keywords for similar images, but you really do have to knuckle down and consider each image on its own. There's no substitute. Don't over-keyword.

As an example of what you need to include, what breeds of cat? What's the common and Linnaean name of that flower?

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Here is a link to that tool...http://microstockgroup.com/tools/keyword.php  I suggest you simplify. Use single words or a couple of words together and not phrases. I know your kitten looks like an angel but that word will bring your image up for searches that don't want a cat and it will hurt your rank. Search for cats on Alamy and look at the kinds of words people are using. Use those words as possible suggestions rather than copying.



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