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Sorry for the newbie question here.


I have 2 sales.


  Sale   Sale   75.00 75.00 x   alamy Commission   50% 37.50   37.50 x   Sale   Sale   33.36 70.86 x   alamy Commission   50% 16.68   54.18 x



I don't understand how was the above calculated? First sale I understand I get 50% of $75, so that is 37.50.


What about the 2nd sale? Why am I only getting $16.68 of $70.86?

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Your second sale looks like $33.36 with your cut being 50% of that @ 16.68 giving you a total of $54.18.

$70.86 is the total after adding the second sale but before the 50% commission deduction.

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Second sale could've been through a distributor which will leave you less than 50%.

No, that would show the 2 commissions separately.

First sale at 75.00, balance 75.00.

Less commission 37.50, balance 37.50.

Second sale 33.36, balance 70.86.

Less commission 16.68, balance 54.18.

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