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Daily Mail Online 26/12/15


BXR339   Jack Boskett The London Eye lit up by fireworks on New Years eve 31st December 2010

CFJTMA   robertharding  New Year fireworks and Big Ben, Westminster, London

DNP7D3   Howard Walker  Fireworks above Edinburgh Castle Scotland Herald's in the New Year 2014 as viewed from Blackford Hiil in the south of the city


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Daily Mail Online 27/12/15


DNK3DD   Mar Photographics  The Wheel of Manchester

B8KNW6   The Photolibrary Wales      Cardiff Winter wonderland ice rink fireworks South Glamorgan South Wales

EC10JA   Images of Birmingham Premium      The library of Birmingham in Centenary Square, Birmingham


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This photograph was spotted by Scarborough Photographer Aiden Clarke Photography and is a view of the river Nidd and the town of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England. The photographer is Steven Hunt and the image of this wintry scene appears on the Forex Data website (http://www.forexdata.org/photography/knaresborough-england-steven-huntalamy-bing-united-states/)

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EXM4B4 Martyn Evans batik air aircraft boeing 737-800 pk-ldf sat on the apron at malang airport java indonesia


Thanks for spotting another one of mine Brian - Appreciated !

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Guardian Online 28 December 2015


credited to Radius Images but can't find any images in the advanced search for this name and can't find the image using the main search - sorry!



Telegraph Online 27 December 2015


Jonny White (this or similar image)


Edited by Lynne
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From the Guardian online:



DMK9DT  Justin Kase z12z


F8BDKY Maria Galan


EG8BW4  Lev Dolgachov


B88K35 Penny Tweedie


D062CF Chang Ching Hwong


CW0H4C Cultura Creative (RF)


BJ69J1 Tibor Bognar


F5C61E Tamara Kulikova (cropped)


E7PG0C Keith Fergus


AX6HDC  Michelle Chaplow


B32B7Y  Peter Barritt


DJJ15R  Jo Chambers


E6HNTP  Sean Pavone


BF1PKC  British Retail Photography 


ERR13G Mim Friday


B5BYMD  Derek Harris

CRYK9K  Agencja Fotograficzna Caro



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AR-15 är ett civilt halvautomatiskt gevär som i mycket begränsad omfattning används för sportskytte i Sverige. AR-15 har använts vid ett antal masskjutningar i USA, bland annat på förskolan i Sandy Hook där 26 barn och anställda dödades 2012.

Foto: Kyle Petrie / Alamy

Dagens Nyheter  |  28 Dec 2015  |  Sweden  |  Swedish    | Page: 6
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Mail Online 28th

E5PJFY Ellen Rooney Late afternoon reflections of Le Morne Brabant and palm trees in the sea, Le Morne Brabant Peninsula, south west Mauritius
B334XD Anstock 2 Pilots in Cockpit of a Boeing 757 Aircraft over Europe
E027NB David J. Green woman looking at homes for sale at an estate agents office in Essex, UK
ANDXJD Tim Graham For Sale and Sold signs West Hampstead London United Kingdom
A6XC2G Wendy Harvey child eating chocolate
A4B0GN D. Hurst Chocolate Bar cut out on white background
CYFY6M Mark Collinson Checking Lottery Ticket against National Lottery Programme on TV
B5XHJB D. Hurst Margarita drink with lime slice cutout isolated on white background
B4N5JY Stockbroker Teacher in class with student volunteering in foreground (selective focus

B55P9P Simon Price  'A' Hall in Craiginches prison in Aberdeen city, Scotland, UK

AT5468 T.J. Florian Policeman escorting prisoner to jail cell

D38R6C Gergely Zsolnai Young doctors

ANBA22  Chesh Young woman talking on a cell phone with a broken down car in the background

C7MGYT Alena Brozova  Hands of young and senior women - helping hand concept - clipping path included

CR14AT Antonio Saba Woman in bikini walking in waves

A8CTH9  David Noton Plane Landing at London Heathrow Middlesex England UK

A3C0DF Alex Segre  British holidaymaker on the beach at San Antonio, Ibiza, Spain

C2X4ED  Denise Hager Young woman dialing phone number with cellphone to book holiday from brochure

BACYH4   Carlos Villoch  Snorkeling in Raja Empat, Papua, Indonesia, female diver, bikini, clear water, shallow water, fotosub, great visibility

ATPT0W   Scholz, F. Woman / Havana

CC0F6R Laurent Rouvrais  cooking Lobster with black olives

EK06K6 Cuba  The Cathedral of The Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception is one of eleven Roman Catholic cathedrals on the island of Cuba.

BK4YAY  Chris Ryan  Man on beach doing biceps curls with dumbbells

EX406A  FocusDigital  Transport transit guide app showing nearest public transport in Berlin on an Apple Watch

D6BB0A  Hybrid Images Mother and daughter using chopsticks

C8AA9T  Radvaner Procençal-style quinoa

AXT1GK STOCK4B-RF Mother and father arguing in front of Christmas tree, children sitting in the corner

CCAEKX  Chris Rout Girl massaging neck

Edited by Bryan
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Times 29th

P7 FADJA6 York, UK. 28th Dec, 2015. UK Flooding: The river Ouse with surrounded flooded land and distant York Minster in the background just after sunrise. Photographed from Clifton Bridge on the north York ringroad © John Potter/Alamy Live News


Edited by Bryan
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Daily Mail Online 29/12/15


 EC0DKB    Dorothy Alexander   crowd coming & going & standing in awe at perfection of original marble David by Michelangelo in Accademia museum Florence


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BBC News Magazine  29 December 2015   Sir Bradley Wiggins' seven-point guide to winter cycling    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-35115164


Cyclist riding during heavy snowfall, Warwick town centre, UK    Colin Underhill
Brighton, Sussex, UK. 3rd November, 2014. - A cyclist carrying an umbrella rides through The Level in Brighton this morning during heavy rain and flooding causing road chaos throughout the city    Simon Dack News
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A Photograph by Jack Sullivan of two rings on a dictionary displaying the word 'divorce' discovered by Whitby Photographer Aiden Clarke of Aiden Clarke Photography. The image appears in the Telegraph of 29-12-15 in an article about seasonal divorces by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor. The report is about the rise in the number of divorces just after Christmas as experienced by divorce lawyers. See link below for full story:



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Telegraph Online



D5RN8E  incamerastock 

Health, Wealth, Happiness - decisions future direction choice concept (cropped)


CE66JD Dmitriy Shironosov

Image of female holding paper with drawn smile by her face


B3R05H   simon Jonathan webb

married woman covering her eyes with her hands



close up of women hands receiving sunblock cream lotion


EHK7CB   Roberto Binetti  

No entry sign, this is italian sign, No entry for people.

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Great shakes: (clockwise, from main) at bars such as this, the stage is set for a cocktail revolution; a caipirinha; a mixologist at The Ethicurean in Bristol; bottles of Cornish pastis


The Independent  |  30 Dec 2015  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 31
Law-abiding metal detectorists often spot nighthawks and their wares when they are put up for sale
The Independent  |  30 Dec 2015  |  UK  |  English    | Page: 13
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