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Hello from Poland

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Hello Alamy contributors!


I'm a new member of the community, so few words about me: I am an amateur photographer since childhood and professionally - a scientist. My favourite topics for shooting are birds and nature in general (because my main hobby is birdwatching).


Cheers, Borys


BTW: I seem to be unable to change my avatar - I upload a jpeg file, but still the default is displayed. Is this feature locked for new users?

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Hello Borys,


I am not Polish myself but i am living there for almost 4 years and i dont regret it.


Alamy can be a good place for you since it has 4 distributors in Poland.


Good luck.



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Welcome, Borys from a fellow newbie.  I had the same problem with the avatar.  I saved the response dustydingo sent to me...maybe it will help you.


"You need to host the photo on a web-site, then go to My Profile, Overview, Edit my Profile. Then use the "import a photo from a url" to link to the hosted image."


BTW, I like the photo of the shepherd and his dogs.



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Denise, thanks for the tip - it worked with the avatar! I like that photo with shepherd too. You have a nice set of photos of iguana there - reptiles are my second best class of animals after birds :-)


Mirco, I see you're living in Poznań - I like a lot your city!



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