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Interesting - would tend to suggest older images sell as well as newer ones, BUT most of the images in the images found thread are in newspapers and they tend to re-use older images they have used in the past.... ("Stock item" as the Maul online likes to put it). Also its only one month so may not be representative. Also may be affected by the Alamy News suppliers which by definition will be the most recent ?


However, be interesting to hear from others of their proportions of images sold from each category, A-F once the year is out


Thanks MartinCP



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Hi all,


Not sure if this is helpful to anyone but I went through the 'images found for October 2015 thread'. I added all of the sales by image numbers starting A-F. Here are the results:


A - 147 sales

B - 193 sales (best by quite a margin)

C - 159 sales

D - 144 sales

E - 125 sales

F -   40 sales (unsurprising as current)


808 total images mentioned - 61.75% in the A-C range so we can extrapolate that older images do sell well.



Note - I have only complied these from the thread entries where image is visible or the number has been added in the text description. I tried to eliminate duplicating numbers where an image had been quoted (in thanks) in a subsequent entry.


I think the 40 for F are quite surprising.

They could be from the News section, at least partly.

Half of them from a certain coastal town in Wales maybe? ;-)


- mine from the rolling year:

A - 22%

B - 19%

C - 12%

D - 20%

E - 29%

F - 0%


Which on it's own isn't saying anything because we don't know the size of the parts.

Besides all my C-s could be rubbish.


So I went back and looked at the repeat sellers for the rolling year. This leads to more questions than answers at the moment:


A 11

A 4

B 3

C 8

C 6

C 5

C 4

C 3

C 3

D 4

D 3

D 3

E 15

E 5

E 3

E 3

E 3

E 3

(1 Image - X Sales)


The parts of my collection are:

A 39%

B 26%

C 10%

D  5%

E 18%

F 2%





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Coming at this from another angle, I have looked at Mail online usage of shots of a local landmark where I have had some success but where there is considerable competition. When a new image joins the fray it has a reasonable chance of securing a sale, even if the quality is pretty dire! Better new shots might see a sequence of sales, but at some point they fall by the wayside and join the mix with older images who again start getting the occasional pick.


Moving further afield within the UK (to a location where I have no representation) there is a consistent repeat seller of a commonly used scene, taken in overcast conditions, and where there are numerous brighter competing images. I've seen this photo used twice in one edition, although I've also seen it and a competing image appear on the same day.


Then there is the case of a specialist travel related item where the DM journalist or picture editor has clearly pressed the New button, and ignored what are in my view far better, but older shots.


Conclusion. There is no overall pattern, it's down to the whims of individuals who have varying personal preferences, levels of motivation, and photographic nouse.

Edited by Bryan
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For the last month I got this result.


A - 0%

B - 0%

C - 21%

D - 15%

E - 58%

F - 6%


I think it has to do with the fact that I have proportionally more images in the E-Section than any other one. And as we only started the F-numbers recently, images are probably still in the pipeline being reported (hopefully).

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I only have images starting E and F - having joined 12 months ago.


For me, as I have low sales but increrasing zooms, I was looking to see if there were any patterns.


Thanks for your inputs :)

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For 2015 my sales are


B - 6

C - 3

D - 1

E - 1


Five of them are repeat sellers. Best price was $400.00 for one of the B's so older images are still working for me. My newest image was licensed for less than $10. 


My total number of images with those prefixes seems to jive roughly with my current year sales from each

B - 264
C - 173

D-  81

E - 141
Interesting that B's are the best-sellers. I wonder if there are proportionately more images that start with the letter B in the entire collection? 
Edited by Marianne
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Looking at my total images and my sales for the rolling year:


A:  45% of images, 42% of sales

B:  25% of images, 21% of sales

C:  1% of images, 5% of sales

D:  10% of images, 5% of sales

E:  17% of images, 26% of sales

F:  1% of images, no sales

S:  2% of images, no sales


I had a bit of a hiatus in submitting between B and E. Encouraging that the E's, shot on newer equipment, seem to be punching above their weight.


If I look at total sales, of course, the A's and B's dominate sales at 79% and 16% (they've had a lot more opportunity to sell).

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My percentages (Nov last year to Oct this year, inclusive): 


A: 9% of images, 2% of sales

B: 42% of images, 59% of sales

C: 9% of images, 7% of sales

D: 20% of images, 18% of sales

E: 20% of images, 24% of sales 


Many of my A images where when I was just getting used to Alamy - so not as saleable as later ones. Very interesting that my B images are doing relatively well. Good news that the long-term strategy is working, at least for those images. 

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