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I'd like to link to lightboxes on social media, particularly facebook, but it seems to be difficult to do so in an informative and attractive manner. I end up with a huge link full of many lines of numeric characters. When I send myself an email using "share," in order to obtain a shorter, less scary-looking link, and place that link on my facebook photography page, the link has no thumbnail to entice viewers, plus it contains a sentence promoting Alamy and its RF images, which I specifically do not want when advertising *my* editorial, RM images!


Has anyone found a better way to link to lightboxes on facebook?

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In these cases I would use http://tinyurl.com/ - and you will get extremely short links, it works.....

No idea about the thumbnail, though. Perhaps you could make a thumbnail yourself and make it a clickable link..

PS - I just checked with one of my lightboxes. Sending the lightbox to your own e-mail address supplies you with an extremely short URL to a clean page of thumbnails and no other information attached.

"You social networkds attached people are so addicted that you cannot see other solutions than sheer share".... ;)

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