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Greetings from New Jersey -- and first Zoom

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Hi, I'm Denise and I live in New Jersey.  I uploaded my first photos in early June 2015.  I currently have 50 photos on Alamy and another 18 via Stockimo.  I'm still feeling my way around Alamy, but really enjoying it so far.  Looking forward to leaving more from others.


I do have one question...I just got my first "zoom" and I'm not really sure what that means other than being a good thing.  I also know it will take a while to build a portfolio before experiencing actual sales, but I'm plugging away at it.


Oh and I pretty much shoot whatever I see that I think will make a good photo.  :-)


Denise Panyik-Dale

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Welcome, Danise.


A zoom occurs when an Alamy client wants to have a closer look at an image. This might result in a sale, but more often does not. Zooms are always good because zooms can help raise you CRT. What you need to do is read everything Alamy has for its contributors. Stock is a complex business.  :)

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Hello Denise,


You have some really nice images on Alamy and I am not surprised you have had a zoom.


Keep up the good work.



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Welcome, Denise. Nice shots of Arenal Volcano. I've been to Costa Rica several times but have yet to make it to Arenal.


By the way, you might want to give more detailed information in some of your captions. Supplying scientific names for animals and plants is also a good idea.


Best of luck on Alamy.


Edit: Whoops! I see that you have given the scientific names for some plants. Sorry.

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Thanks, all. So a higher CTR moves your photos higher when a customer is searching?


Costa Rica was wonderful...hot and humid (we were in the rainforest...haha).. but beautiful. I went in September and I'm still culling through all of my photos.


Good tip on the scientific names.



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