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I received an e-mail from Alamy today saying that I currently have five offline images that need keywording. However, they aren't appearing on my "My Alamy" page or in "Manage Your Images." Is there somewhere else I should be looking?



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I think you'll find that you've already keyworded them. I got the same e-mail but I had already keyworded one of the two they stated needed done. 


Thanks, Dougie. That's what I figured, but I've never gotten this type of e-mail before. Perhaps it's something new that is still in the "Beta" stage.

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I'm feeling very sheepish here as I get the e-mail every few months!! I'm afraid I have 364 to keyword!! They are mostly ones that will take me a bit of time to research the detailed information and I always seem to have something better to do! I'm loathe to do to a quick fix on them as I'll never get round to doing the job properly. So I continue uploading and doing the easy ones, at the same time picking off the odd old one when I get the time!



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Same here. I upload almost every day and keyword them the day after. No idea why I get such a mail?


B.t.w anyone else didn't see his images pass today?




Not yesterday(Friday) when I was expecting some to pass....But this morning all gone through including some uploaded yesterday.



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