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My domestic cats have appeared this morning. No email from Alamy. I am happy about this but wondering still whether there will be other images not showing. It's impossible to check every image in every possible way. Are the rest of you seeing your problems resolved?




Not resolved yet.  Vancouver Mountain still gives 30 results.  It should be much higher.  E.g. Vancouver Grouse Mountain gives 618 results.


Ms responded that they are working on it.

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I've just keyworded another batch. I put commas between keywords except where they formed a phrase. I didn't use any quotation marks. Inspection of the keywords displayed on the Alamy on the "Buy this image now..." page, shows that the phrases have been preserved. NB. My longest phrase was 2 only words.


My suspicion is that the list of keywords on the "Buy this image now..." page is the one the EXTERNAL search engines (Google etc.) use for indexing.


Alamy's INTERNAL search engine may interpret the contributor's keyword lists differently (even when it's working properly - which it clearly isn't at the moment)


I hope Alamy get their search engine fixed PDQ.


It would also be good if they could enlighten us on how quotes, spaces and commas are supposed to be interpreted, both by the keyword list generator on the "Buy this image now..." pages and by their internal search engine. Ideally both would be the same, but I imagine there lots of legacy Alamy software code, and a huge stock of images keyworded in many different ways that they have to contend with.

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My cats are being affected by this curious keywording problem too now.  If I search using the words    Cyprus cats   5 of mine  appear.  3rd image in the search.

However, if I search for Cyprus cat only 2 appear despite one image being similar to 3 others containing the same keywords.  Even though there is a group of cats

I put in the singular word as we were told this was the correct way to keyword.


Is there a clue here?  or is it just a random mess?  


Hmmm. Too much time is devoted to keywording to lose out on searches.



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